New York Ceramics and Glass Fair, 2018

Here are some scenes from the 2018 New York Ceramics and Glass Fair.

Hideaki Miyamura

Hideaki Miyamura

Paul Vandekar, seated

Art Reed Blown Glass Table in the booth of Jill Fenichell

Jill Fenichell with Art Reed Blown Glass Table

 Booth of Lynda Willauer

18th century mourning rings in the booth of Moylan/Smelkinson

Mourning rings - Moylan/Smelkinson

Pair of porcelain iris by Katherine Houston Porcelain



Buried Treasure / New Discoveries in Philadelphia Slipware from the Collection of the Museum of the American Revolution

I could not wait to see this exhibit. Below are examples from over 85,000 (yes 85,000!) fragments recently dug from a brick lined privy shaft in Old City Philadelphia during an excavation by archaeologists from the Commonwealth Heritage Group. The location was on site at the new Museum of the American Revolution. This area was probably the dumping grounds for several 18th century taverns. Conservator Melba Meyers painstakingly reassembled these treasures and they were exhibited at the 2018 Ceramics Fair in NYC.This undocumented slipware was probably made in Philadelphia by early French or German colonists. Interestingly, slipware of similar marbled design was uncovered in the Montpelier area of Southern France. These pieces were made during the late 1600's. Fascinating to imagine a design concept crossing the Atlantic to the New World. The exhibit was sponsored by Ceramics in America/ Chipstone Foundation and the Museum of the American Revolution. Specialist Ceramics Scholar Debbie Miller gave a detailed presentation during the event. For more information and future releases and analysis, contact Rob Hunter.


Outsider Art Fair, 2018

Scenes from the Outsider Art Fair, 2018 in NYC.

Charlie & artist/Outsider Authority Steven S. Powers

Something so soft carved into something so hard. Granite Bird Family. Steven S. Powers booth.

Fred Giampietro

Bill Traylor

Bell & Hammer Piano Andrew Edlin Gallery

Shrine to Mose Tolliver

Hideaki Yoshikawa


Winter Antiques Show, 2018

The Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City struck me as particularly stunning this year. Stephen Score's booth at the entrance was captivating, as was Elle Shushan's jewel box of a booth. David Schorsch's full court press of outstanding pieces were a knock out and there were many red stickers there. Olde Hope Antiques is a reliable source for over the top collector's pieces. Nathan Liverant & Son's booth was overflowing with show attendees. I was so busy talking to Kelly Kinzle, I forgot to snap a shot of his outstanding Reading, PA cabinet, entirely covered with exquisite marquetry. The Show continues until Sunday, January 28.

Charlie gazing at Stephen Score's booth.

Behold, the sign! Stephen Score's booth.

Charlie Hammell & Stephen Score in deep discussion.

Exterior of Elle Shushan's booth.

Feature wall of David Schorsch's booth.

Breathtaking detail of above Album Quilt. David Schorsch.

Another detail of the Album Quilt. David Schorsch.

I noticed the shadow first. Captivating hanging sculpture by Lee Bontecou.


Over the top Connecticut overmantel, Nathan Liverant & Son.

Another overmantel, this one from New York, in the pristine booth of Olde Hope Antiques.

Oh my! Double mocha jugs. Nathan Liverant & Son.

The perfect Shaker stack. Olde Hope Antiques.

For my musician friends, a European trade sign.




Sotheby's Important Americana Auction NYC, January 20, 2018

Here are a few of my favorite things at the Sotheby's Americana Auction this weekend.

Amish Crib Quilt 20th century  Estimate $200 -$300. Sold for $400.

Detail, Federal Settee, possibly Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1810  estimate $6,000 - $12,000.

Sold for $4,000.

Detail, New Jersey Watercolor Fraktur, set of Four, 1804-1809 Sold for $12,500.

Flowing Urn Hearth Rug 1835, New England  Estimate $5,000 - $7,000. Passed at $4,000.

Painting by Joseph Whiting Stock 1840  Estimate  $8,000 - $12,000. Sold for $13,750.

Rhode Island Windsor Side Chair c. 1800  Estimate  $5,000- $7,000. Sold for $5,625.

New England Calamanco Quilt, late 18th century  Estimate $6,000 - $8,000. Sold for $9,500.

Detail, Yarn Sewn Table Rug, 1825 New York   Estimate $5,000 - $7,000. Sold for $7,500.

Detail, Revolutionary War Map created 1777, showing East and West New Jersey

Estimate $14,000 -$18,000.